Slow design

In our fast-paced world today, we often forget the importance of patience and taking time to think things through. We want to remind people of the value of creativity and clever thinking, supporting a movement that embraces focus, skill, and understanding over fast production and short-lived trends. This doesn't mean we're against technology, but we're asking for a balance between using technology and the traditional principles of design as a craft.

The importance of creativity

We believe that the human spirit, with its limitless imagination and capacity to find links where none existed before, is unique. Art and design are expressions of the human experience, mirrors of our diverse cultures, histories, and personal stories, and as such, they should remain deeply our own endeavors.

Quality over quantity

The modern world bombards us with choices, often creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) on the newest tools and technologies. We propose a shift in focus, from quantity to quality. Instead of being driven by a need to constantly upgrade, to have the latest, fastest tool, we should focus on mastering the tools we already have and extracting the best out of them.

Craftsmanship and skill

The act of design is not just about the end product; it's also about the journey, the process of improving our skills, and the satisfaction derived from creating something with our own hands.

Mindful consumption and creation

Our philosophy encourages designers to consider the entire lifecycle of their creations, from concept to end-user experience. This includes considering the environmental and societal impact of our designs. We advocate for sustainable, ethical design practices that respect our planet and all its inhabitants.

Value in tradition

While we do not reject technology and innovation outright, we believe there is immense value in traditional design methods and techniques. We should not be so quick to abandon the wisdom of our past generations in our rush towards the future.

Respect for time

We reject the modern obsession with speed and instant gratification. Good design takes time. It involves a process of trial and error, of exploration, of slowly and thoughtfully refining our ideas until they achieve their full potential. We believe that by slowing down, we can create designs that are more meaningful, more impactful, and more enduring.

Aesthetic and function

While we appreciate the visual appeal of a design, we also value its usefulness, its ability to meet the needs of its users, and to enhance their lives in meaningful ways. A good design, in our view, marries beauty with functionalism, achieving a balance that results in an item that is both pleasing to the eye and practical to use.

Inclusive collaboration

Design should not be an isolated activity. It should foster connection, collaboration, and mutual learning. We believe in creating spaces where designers can share their knowledge, learn from each other, and work together to create designs that reflect our diverse perspectives and experiences.

This initiative, created by Orbyt Studio, is a call to slow down in a fast-moving world.